2X Anamorphic Rear Adapter

1x 2X Anamorphic Rear Adapter

With a two times squeeze, the focal length of the base lens is doubled and the light transmission is reduced by a little over one stop.

The new Duclos 2x Rear Anamorphic Adapter utilizes a universal mount system compatible with a variety of lenses including the Angenieux 25-250mm HR and HP, 20-120mm, 17-102mm, and the Optimo 24-290mm, as well as the Cooke 25-250mm (all three generations), 20-100mm, and 18-100mm.

With the recent increase in demand for 35mm anamorphic lenses, the Duclos 2X Rear Anamorphic is an excellent way to bring classic cinema zooms back to life.


Focal Length Effectively Doubled
Max Aperture Reduced by ~1 Stop
Coverage Super 35, APS-C
Lens Mount Universal – PL



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