Schulz Micro Spray off

1x Schulz Micro Spray off

The advantage of the Sprayoff micro, milli and mini can be shortlisted as follows:
– All of them fit within its specific matte box, taking only the space of the front filter holder.
– All are lightweight (Sprayoff micro: 500 gr., Sprayoff milli: 850 gr., Sprayoff mini: 980 gr.)
– All of them can be powered out of the camera with 24V if available, since the power consumption is not higher than for a regularly used onboard monitor (Sprayoff micro: 0,3 amps., Sprayoff mini: 0,8 amps., Sprayoff milli: 0,7 amps.)
– Easy and very fast setup by sliding in and “plug’n play”.
– Large optical width to cover even wide-angle lenses following disc diameters: Sprayoff micro: 118mm, Sprayoff milli: 144 mm, Sprayoff mini: 169 mm

The Sprayoff giga is built for the use on the ARRI MB-14 only.
It has to be slided with its dovetail on the swiveling matte box frame. Then all the filter trays and donuts, as far, as necessary, can be slided on its reverse side, also on the dovetail.
Due to its higher power consumption (peak: more than 5 amps./24 V continuous current: 1,5 amps/24 V) it should be powered externally using a 24 V source.


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