1x Semote

1x Reciver

3x NP-970 Battery

1x Battery Charger

Semote controller

The Semote controller gives you full camera menu control (wired or wireless) on the following cameras:

  • Sony Venice
  • All Alexa cameras (XT, SXT, LF, Amira, Mini, Mini LF)
  • Panavision DXL, DXL2
  • All RED DSMC cameras
  • All Phantom cameras
  • Arri 235/435/535

Special aviation model for Shotover F1/K1/G1

The new Semote comes with a micro SD card to allow easy and quick

  • Internal firmware change / update within seconds
  • Infinite saved presets
  • Infinite saved cameras
  • 9-15V power input

Ideal for:

  • multiple camera control
  • camera arrays
  • camera rigging
  • aerial filming
  • underwater/splash housings
  • crane shots



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